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"Small, but large Capacity"

Automatic Film Processor

The PRO 14 is a table top film processor that delivers high quality images. Although compact in size, the PRO 14 has a large volume capacity and is easy to use. This is he basic concept of the PRO 14 design.
It provides the operator with convenience, simplicity and easy maintenance.




 Fully Automatic

Simply press the Power Switch and of the functions start automatically. an electronic control system reliably and accurately controls all processes from development to drying, and ensures high-quality images.

 Fast Processing Speed

The PRO 14 provides a large volume capacity for the user with a speed of 14mm per second at 90 seconds processing time.

 Simple and Silent Operation

The single switch operation of the PRO 14, the indicator lights and the audible tone for film feeding make operation easy. Film transport racks are modularized for easy removal and daily washing.
An innovative drying fan significantly reduces its operating noise and allows it to contribute to a quiet, comfortable working environment.

 Easy maintenance

Since every part and mechanism was designed to enable the operator to check and spot trouble easily, no prior knowledge is required to replace any part with a new one, in the rare case that a problem should arise.


 Automatic Chemical Replenishment

Developer and Fixer chemicals are automatically replenished when the film is inserted into the PRO 14 for processing.

  Rack(Dev. Fix. Wash)     

The 14"(35mm) rack structure is easily removed for cleaning, and the design allows the film to pass smoothly through the rollers.

  Electronic Circuit & Switch Board

PRO 14's creative eletronic circuit board is designed to assure reliable operation with minimal start-up and reset times.
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